our weapons: sabre, rapier, longsword, katana

We organize fencing workshops, combining intensive workout with entertainment. We provide training from 1,5 h lessons up to 6 h a day workshops.

Program is chosen to make the most of student's potential. With workshops on demand - we may propose the most suitable lenght and subject.

Choreography / Motion Capturing

Having experience in theatre, film and video games we are able to produce thrilling and credible stunt performance. We offer trainings and consultation for any type of production. Our swordmaster will design the best movements to fulfill screenplay and put figting in given context.

Our offer

Our group connects actors, stuntmen and fencers training artistic fencing and HEMA since 2008. We organize professional fight shows and fencing workhops with historical weapons. We are choreography specialists for stage, screen and video games.

- teaching of period fencing and fighting
- HEMA coaching
- training for actors and stuntmen
- fencing performances and shows
- professional sword figth choreography
- fighting and historical consultations
- fighting arts across all the periods and styles
- knowledge in weapons and armours
- authenticity and realism
- challenging performances with weapons
- fencing and acting double for film and theatre
- weapons and costumes for film and theatre
- motion capturing